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Ping Heppler ZB3 Adjustable Length Putter

Retail Price: $229.00

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Retail Price $229.00

Putter pre-order only until June 15th.

The PING Heppler putters offer a machined, solid face for golfers who prefer a firmer impact feel and sound. Multi-material (cast aluminum and steel) mallets and mid-mallets provide extreme forgiveness and optimal CG for accuracy and consistency. A premium, contrasting copper and black finish provides alignment cues and visual interest. A stiffer adjustable-length shaft (in exclusive black chrome) is standard.

A precision aluminum casting process creates machined-like detail and quality in multiple mid-mallets and mallets. PING engineers combined the lighter aluminum with steel through strategic shaping and weight placement to produce extremely high MOI designs. The new Tomcat 14, which features a 14-dot alignment aid inspired by the lights on an airport runway, is the highest MOI in the series.

Stiffer Adjustable-Length Shaft Adjusts 32" to 36"

Comes with Ping PP59 which is modeled after the popular PP58 Midsize, its smaller pistol shape helps position the top hand more naturally on the club. With a rubber under-listing for a softer response.