TaylorMade 2023 Spider GTX White #3 Putter


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The Spider GTX boasts a sleek, modern design that pays homage to the classic high-MOI Spider shape. Its fluid lines and sharp angles come together to create a visually striking frame that perfectly cradles the golf ball at address. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Spider GTX offers exceptional stability and forgiveness thanks to its high-MOI construction.

  • Spider GTX is expertly crafted from lightweight 6061 aluminum and features a hollowed-out core, which redistributes weight to the perimeter for improved stability.
  • The True Path feature, a beloved staple of the Spider family, has been refined and enhanced with Spider GTX. This optically engineered design allows for easy and precise alignment with your target, while also perfectly framing the ball and helping you visualize the path to the hole.
  • Spider GTX features a PureRoll insert crafted from black TPU urethane with silver aluminum beams positioned at a downward 45 degree angle.