Bridgestone 2024 TOUR B X MindSet - 1 Dozen


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  • NEW REACTIV X System combines the REACTIV iQ Smart Cover Technology with XCLRNT mid-layer for INCREASED DISTANCE off the tee
  • IMPROVED FEEL and CONTROL around the green
  • MORE DISTANCE: REACTIV X System creates intensified rebound on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance
  • MORE CONTROL: REACTIV X System stays on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green
  • The TOUR B X delivers increased ball speed for MAXIMUM DISTANCE off the tee and HIT & SIT performance on approach shots
  • MINDSET: Assisted in development by Jason Day, MindSet is the first ball scientifically designed to reduce analytical thoughts, allowing you to focus on executing the shot you've visualized. Gather information, pick your target, see your shot, focus on the dot, and, knowing you can trust MindSet, your mind calms before you draw the club back.