Callaway 2022 Jaws Raw Face Chrome Wedge


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Callaway is taking spin and control to new levels by leveraging the most aggressive groove in golf promotes a controlled “one hop and stop” trajectory. The new raw face exposes groove edge to promote maximum friction and spin. The wedge also has a muted toe pad on the face reduces glare at address.

Tungsten is in a Callaway wedge for the first time ever, on the sand and lob wedges, to center the CG position for control and feel. Variable length hosels are engineered to control trajectory while enhancing forgiveness.

The all-new Z grind is a more forgiving low bounce option, with an aggressive leading-edge chamfer that improves turf interaction. This chamfer acts as a “skid plate” to help reduce digging on chip and pitch shots. All sand and lob wedge grinds also feature a leading-edge chamfer that is designed to reduce digging.