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  • Callaway Jaws MD5 22 Chrome Wedge Steel Shaft


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  • Precisely shaped from 8620 mild carbon steel for soft, satisfying feel and a traditional look
  • Jaws groove design uses an extremely sharp edge radius to generate more spin and precise control
  • Signature Groove-in-Groove Technology features micro-positive surface texture with radius grooves raised off the face for more grip and maximum spin
  • Two sole grinds to fit every type of swing and turf
  • S-Grind has medium width, slight camber at the back, and moderate heel relief to fit medium to shallow angles of attack and medium turf conditions
  • W-Grind is wider at the center and toe, narrower in the heel, with moderate heel relief and generous front-to-back camber to fit steep angles of attack and soft turf conditions
  • Soft carbon steel construction, precise CG locations, and crisp turf interaction delivers a satisfying feel
  • Optimized head shape progression with traditional-shaped higher-lofted wedges to more compact player-preferred shapes in the lower-lofted wedges to better fit your iron set
  • Stock shaft: Callaway Impact Steel