Cleveland RTX Full Face 2 Tour RackWedge Steel Shaft


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Featuring a face packed full of grooves in an advanced, high-toe profile, RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges deliver even greater versatility from any greenside position or condition. Packed with HydraZip, ZipCore, and UltiZip technologies, RTX Full-Face 2 is built to help players ace daring, open-face shots around the green.


A new, dynamic face blast and laser-milled line pattern, HydraZip maximizes friction for improved spin consistency in wet or dry conditions. Visually, CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge faces are much more matte than past Tour Satin offerings, noticeably reducing glare at address.


Set in the heart of the Wedge, ZipCore is a new addition for CBX Full-Face 2. Our proprietary, lightweight and low-density core technology, ZipCore reduces vibrations while also perfecting the CG and boosting MOI for increased feel, control, consistency and forgiveness over last generation.


UltiZip’s full-face network of sharp, deep, and tightly spaced grooves maximizes performance at contact. By slicing through and channeling debris to bite harder, UltiZip offers purer spin, more control, and more consistency.

Dynamic Sole Grinds

Gap and Sand Wedge lofts feature S-Shaped sole grinds, while Lob Wedge lofts use a C-Shaped grind, giving players an ideal level of versatility in every loft.