Never Compromise Reserve Tour Satin Model 4 Putter


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Featuring one of our most popular Putter head shapes, model 4’s winged mallet design is paired with a single bend hosel and contrasting alignment system—best suited for a straight stroke.

Every premium Never Compromise Reserve Putter shape is 100% CNC milled from soft, 303 Stainless Steel in order to sculpt the highest quality designs possible. By using this precise milling process, we can consistently create each shape with exacting standards to the same, ideal head weight and performance characteristics no matter which shape you choose.

Every Never Compromise Reserve model is available in a classic Tour Satin finish as well as our unique, two-toned NC Contrast finish. The Tour Satin finish offers minimal distraction, perfect for players who prefer traditional alignment; while the NC Contrast finish visibly shows the alignment throughout the stroke, suiting mechanical players who prefer a visual component.

Never Compromise R&D engineers carefully analyzed every model at every potential shaft length and tailored the correlative sole weight pairing to each combination. And since both grips weigh 72g, that measurement was noted and used as a control factor. This harmonious weighting setup adds a consistent, well-balanced feel across the line.