Titleist Vokey SM9 Brushed Steel Wedge


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Improving upon the groundbreaking Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) design concept originally introduced with the Vokey Design SM8, the new SM9 pushes the envelope again -with even more innovation

The new SM9 maintains the innovative forward CG–a position that actually hovers in front of the wedge face -to produce asolid feeling wedge that squaresup at impact for more consistent results.

The CG has been raised verticallyby adding weight to the topline design, where a tapered pad at the back of the toe helps align the CG properly without being visible from the playing position.•Progressive hosel lengthsare also used to help raise the CG in the higher lofts, particularly 58°-62°.

The result is improved distanceand trajectory control, and increased stability for more consistency.

A new Spin Milled cutting processin the SM9 models–which includes tightening our allowable tolerances -produces consistently sharper grooveswedge after wedge, resulting in higher, more consistent spin.

Spin Milled Groovesare the Gold Standard in groove cutting precision -meticulously engineered and cut to the edge to maximize spin and shot control. Each groove on every head is100% inspected for conformity to the rules of golf.

Micro-groovesare individually cut in between grooves, which maximizesspin on partial shots.A proprietary heat treatment is applied to the impact area to double the durability of the groove without impacting feel –making it the most durable groove in golf.

Each groove is individually cut based on loft and finish with theLowerlofts (46°-54°)designed withnarrower, deeper groovesandHigher lofts (56°-62°) withwider, shallower grooves.